Investment Opportunities

Investment oppurtunities are a great way to get involved with high quality horses, watching them compete and move through the levels without the group descion process of syndication, and with the intention to sell the horse at a certain point to make a profit.  Regardless of the option chosen, the horse remains in training with Infinity Sport Horse and is actively campaigned and moved up the levels, allowing us to increase his experience and sale price. Both of these options include consistent communication on the progress of the horse, as well as options to take 2 free lessons a month on the horse. 

Option 1: Purchase a decided horse (whether one of the sale horses currently available through our program or an outside horse that is found for this purpose) and pay all costs of shows/farrier/board/vet. Infinity Sport Horse will contribute the costs of training, advertisement, showing to clients, etc, and when the horse is sold the partner would recoup the initial investments, and we split the profits. This works well for someone who would like to possibly purchase the horse for themselves after the process, or that would like to send the horse to Aiken where the market is most active. 

Option 2: Syndication - Putting together a team to purchase a horse with the intent to bring it through the levels and sell the horse as it progresses. This spreads the risk through an few individuals, instead of personally. A great opportunity to participate in brining a talented horse along, and all the benefits of horse ownership without the individual risk. 

For more information on Syndication, click here. 

References are available with past investor and owners.