Infinity Sport Horses is a team of highly talented riders, with a growing sales and training business based out of Aiken, SC. Founder and owner Shannon Riley has competed through the first five of the six levels of Eventing, most recently placed 3rd at the CCI* level, meter 1.20 jumpers, Second Level dressage, and having the opportunity to school much higher with highly regarded professionals in each field, and most recently began working with Colleen Rutledge. She has attended Rolex Kentucky CCI**** as a groom (and whose horse won best turned out at the first jog). Shannon and her team are currently competing about 18-30 weekends in the coming year. Infinity Sport Horses focuses much of its’ attention to bringing along young prospects into the sport with the intent to sell them. Over the last 2 years, Infinity Sport Horse has successfully sold over 200 horses for themselves and their clients. While her record is not as confirmed as some upper level riders, she has done what she can with the limited funds  and self made she has had available, made herself a name with her reputation for quality, well trained horses and talented prospects that proceeds her around the country.

The 2018 season was highly successful for the our team competitvely, seeing Shannon in the ribbons at every show, and in the top two at all but three events. These accomplishments were on horses ranging from catch rode youngster to her self produced 5 year old OTTB currently competing at training, as well as producing 2 additional horses to the upper levels. Heading into 2019, Shannon has 3 horses currently aimed at a season of Preliminary, as well as some talented up and coming youngsters.

Infinity Sport Horse and our team are currently seeking new sponsors for this upcoming competition season. Our sponsors enjoy the benefits of exceptional product placement and promotion, prominent logo display, business card and business information displays and exposure to over 1,000 to 3,000 people per show at which the primary demographic consists of upper/upper middle class families and individuals with high levels of disposable income. Our sponsors also are promoted directly to our clients seeking new horses, through direct placement and social marketing. Shannon's primary background outside of horses has been in Marketing and Small Business development. Here are a few of the statistics on equestrian events and demographic

  • 88,000,000 people attend horse-related events
  • The average home value is $594,000
  • 22% own a second home
  • 43% travel on an airplane more than 16 times a year
  • 78% are members of a frequent flyer program
  • 97% own one or more credit cards
  • 55% of their automobiles were purchased last year
  • They own three vehicles; 53% own a pick-up truck
  • 94% own a pet besides a horse or pony
  • The average age is 39
  • 85% are women
  • 63% are married
  • 80% of equestrians have a minimum of a four-year college degree

According to USA Equestrian 2008


Our business prides itself in its reputation with the equestrian community of having quality horses for an affordable price. We regularly speak with many clients each month through direct contact as well as social networking, where we have over 6500 unique followers. These clients are directed to our website, Www.InfinitySportHorse.com, where your business would be prominently displayed and promoted. We also encourage our sponsors to come to our shows to mingle with potential clients, network with our other sponsors, and enjoy the experience!  We host a sponsorship party at a few shows each year to thank our partners as well.


We are seeking sponsorships for specific shows and events, specific horse sponsors, and sponsors who wish to have an active part in allowing the team to continue its pursuit to bring exceptional quality horses and riders to the highest levels of equestrian sports. Infinity Sport Horse invites you to be a part of this exciting opportunity for this year. We also accept product sponsorship, in the form of donations of specific needs. For a list of these items that are greatly needed, or if you would like to speak with Infinity Sport Horses about representing your product, please contact us as well. There are sponsorship packages available to fit any advertising budget, large and small.


Individual Donor Benefits

  • Free Course walks
  • Discounted clinics, lessons, or training for you or your horse.
  • Opportunity to partially or wholly own an upper level competition horse.
  • Infinity Sport Horse Team wear
  • Diamond Level Sponsors have the ability to rename the horse, and other specific options
  • Inclusion on main stall plate at horse shows
  • Promotion of your brand or horse direcetly to over 3700 unique followers


Corporate Sponsors Benefits

  • Shannon can participate in signings, advertisements, promotional events, trade shows, seminars and course walks
  • Horses offer a neutral, unique advertising angle for companies looking for a new way to connect with their target markets.
  • Corporate company logo included on Infinity Sport Horse wear.
  • Direct promotion to clients
  • A unique client base that includes an average income of $500,000
  • A chance to get in at the grass roots of a fantastic Young Rider with an exceptionally bright future.
  • Promotion at our facility that hosts 15-20 unique events per year. 

Ownership and Syndicate options also available

For more information, and to further a partnership with this exciting and growing team, we encourage you click this link to contact us.