Training and Consignment

After a successful winter in Aiken, SC with 10 horses sold so far this year, we head back to Chicago ready to bring in more talented young horses to produce and sell.

Benefits of sending your horse with me to be sold here in Aiken: 

  • 2018-2019 brought us over 75 horses sold or connected with new homes and over half a million dollars in sales with horses ranging in experience levels of unbroke through seasoned upper level competitors. 
  • We have a lovely, private farm with the ability to truly best show case your horses potential.
  • More affordable rates than other "big name" professionals with similiar (and even better) results
  • Excellent online marking access, through Social Media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to best get your horse exposed. 
  • Weekly updated sales videos and pictures
  • Access to shows to actively keep your horse campaigning even through the winter. We actively compete at local indoor dressage and jumper shows, and will head to Aiken in February and March to event as well. 
  • In the heart of Southern Area III Eventing, Jumpers, and Dressage - we have access to over 15 shows in under 3 hours of travel time , and we are only an hour away from Ohare to allow clients to few horses anywhere in the country, 
  • Our record boosts consistent sales within 90 days of listing on market. 
Our current rates are as follows: 
$900 + 20% of final sale - Consignment Board - Includes: Full Board/Training in Aiken, SC all pictures/videos, advertisement on and all affiliate social media, promotion directly to buyers, access to dressage and jumper coaches for additional lessons, all appointments/phone calls/emails, weekly communications and updates, all rides at shows, clipping, mane pulling, ext. Owner pays vet, farrier, and the cost of the entry fees/stabling/transportation at or to shows. 
$750- Board (includes one lesson or training ride per week) Daily turnout and stall cleaning, access to entire facility, grain and hay. 
$1,200  -Full Training/Board - (10% discount for active competition horses) - access to upper level dressage and jumper coaching, weekly communications and updates, and all rides in shows ext. Owner pays the cost of the entry fees/stabling/transportation at or to shows. Horse is ridden 5-6 days a week. 
Wondering if this is the right program for you and your horse? Here is one one of our many references (More can be seen here)
Susan Jayne
 I had an amazing “selling” experience with Shannon recently.  Being a busy soccer Mom, with a full time job outside the home, and two wonderful horses (which was one more than I need at this point in my riding career), I sought Shannon’s guidance on how to right-size my personal herd.  I had hunted with Shannon several times with my hunt, Mill Creek Hunt, so I had seen her energy, enthusiasm and patience with young horses.  I had seen her experience in finding young horses with potential – horses that worked out in the hunt field, which is not easy.  I had seen her passion for the sport, for the horses she works with, and I had seen the positive way she works with people.  I had seen how she looked for the right “match” between rider and horse.
What I had not seen was how she applied her passion to her business, in a very professional manner.  I got to see that first hand when she helped me find the forever home for my horse.  It was a difficult decision for me to make in the first place  - by the time I contacted her, I’d been through most of the emotional part of the decision – but not all.  She listened, made a recommendation, and then implemented her plan.  She checked in with me, made adjustments to the plan, and was very transparent at each step in the process.  She shared information constantly, knowingly, and willingly, which helped me with the decision making process.  She texted me with updates, sent pictures and videos, and kept the communication flowing.  We rode together, she explained what she was doing, helped me understand her training approach, and shared with me all of the good things she saw in my horse.  She took him from the hands of an amateur, put in some great rides, and had him ready for his forever home in less than 60 days.  
It was so much fun to watch her ride him – he was  making new strides with her, doing things I’d never asked him to do -  that I was ready to buy him right back from her!!  Seriously, though, it was time for me to have only one horse.  She applied her passion for the animals involved, in a very business-like approach.  She presented data to me, and helped me make decisions along the way. 
It could not have gone any more smoothly.  I felt completely confident with trusting her with the care of my horse. She took care of all of the details, and really made it easy for me to take this huge step.  I had fun working with her, but most importantly, she took care of all of the financial details and ensured that this was a positive business transaction.
I also have had some wonderful “training experiences” with Shannon.  She is patient, rewards the small positive steps, and applied a method of instruction that I could relate to.  She broke cross country down into fun pieces for me, which enabled me to do some fun new things with my horse.  I am excited and looking forward to more cross country training with her, on my Only Horse